Workeracy: The New Economic Paradigm

Winning and quit

The South African youth has the potential to move away from the incapability paradigm that has been so prevalent over the last 15 years.  The youth is gaining painful insights that instead of finding jobs, they have to start creating the own work.

Workeracy[1] states that work creation starts with oneself.  A person has to recognise the skill sets he/she has and take action to commercialise those skills sets to the benefit of others who may be in need thereof.  Workeracy is the start of entrepreneurial thinking.

Without the willingness to create one’s own work, there can be no entrepreneurship.  As an entrepreneurial catalyst, workeracy does not discriminate between the so called “Haves” and “Have Nots”.  It demands that someone takes account of his or her skills and turn those skills into value.

In addition, workeracy does not care whether a person has strings of Ph. D’s or many incomplete qualifications.  However, workeracy is interested in one’s willingness to create small pockets of economic activity that could grow into large capability networks over time.

Growth Institute’s Capability Maturity Matrix™ has been designed to provide the youth with a series of steps to start a small business and to grow entrepreneurial capability over time.  The service has been designed to provide affordable and incremental support services to any entrepreneur that has a small business with an annual turnover of less than R 5 million.  The service has also been designed to support any South African who wishes to start his/her own business and who may not have access to high levels of cash to do so.

Since each business concept and entrepreneur is unique, the Capability Maturity Matrix or CapMM™ can be customised to suit specific needs.

In addition, Growth Institute’s CapMM model will make use of young, emerging entrepreneurs to help those who are about to start their own journey to economic independence.

[1] A phrase coined by Dr. Norris Dalton


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