In Search of Readiness


School leavers need a bridging course before they can attempt to enrol at a university for a degree or diploma.  In addition, those who do not passed Grade 12 with at least a 70% average will NEVER be able to go to university.  Last, those who have only Grade 10 and Grade 11 are forever doomed to be part of a low paid and underqualified workforce.


Whilst it is true that not all school leavers cannot immediately enrol into a university program, there are options available to anyone who thinks that he/she will never be able to go to university.  In fact, anyone who cannot be admitted to a university today can indeed prepare him/her over a period of four years to obtain a professional qualification that will allow that person into a degree program.

Insufficient admission points at the end of Grade 12 do not mean all doors to tertiary education have closed irrevocably.  In addition, a person that passed Grade 10 or Grade 11 actually has an equal chance to obtain a university degree one day as long as they completed a professional qualification with an accredited institution such a Growth Institute.

Growth Institute’s Achiever Program© is linked to professional qualifications in Accounting and Business Administration.  This program allows students to qualify with a National Diploma (NQF 6) within three to four years.  After students obtained their National Diplomas, they can apply to a local university where the can enrol into a bridging program that steers them towards a B Com. Honours degree in Business Management.


The fact is that many students who are presently enrolled at university fall out in the first year.  They become discouraged and live with a belief that they will never be able to obtain a tertiary qualification.  This “Horde of Disillusionment” is one of the biggest contributors to skills shortages in South Africa.

However, students who first enrol into programs such a Growth Institute’s Achiever Program, stand and greater chance to obtain degrees after three to four years’ study at a lower level.  These students have a great sense of accomplishment and achievement.  In addition, they are valuable knowledge assets to an organisation because:

  1. They are often forced to study part-time
  2. They have an opportunity to link theoretical knowledge with practical experience while they study
  3. They are committed students and workers because they have more at stake than their peers who are full time students


The Reality of Alternatives

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The Reality of Alternatives

Gone are the days that mainstream universities are the only post-school option.  It is time to take a hard look at the impact that a three-year to four-year academic hiatus has on the workplace.

A number of questions must be asked and answers must be found to ensure that South Africa remains competitively relevant on the African continent.

Speaking to parents, friend and observing Angst reports in the media, suggest that South Africa’s education system is beyond repair.

We are moving back to the Stone Age

Suggesting that the education system is beyond repair creates a feeling of utter despondence in the national psyche.  The tough pioneer spirit that so many South Africans claim to have is gradually fading because we believe that Government must have all the answers and we can simply sit back and wait for the Land of Milk and Honey to come to us.

Repairing the bridge

The reality is that the ailing school system cannot be overhauled overnight.  it will take years – even decades – to repair the potholes that peppers our primary and secondary education landscape.  to wait for the system to be repaired “someday, somehow” is to wait for the Land of Milk and Honey to waltz around the corner and to announce a brave new world.

A time for action

  • It is time to realise that not all school leavers meet the criteria to go to university.
  • It is time to realise that many who struggle at university should consider
  • It is time to realise that, although “all road lead to Rome”, some travellers are simply not suited for the highway.  They need a scenic route

What is the alternative?

There is tremendous pressure on making sure that graduates or diplomats are industry-ready when the leave the hallowed halls of academia. A reality in which academics and practical experience are intermixed becomes an alternative to consider – especially in the context of Scarce Skills Development.

Growth Institute specialises in providing alternatives to industry. Our diplomats are groomed to be work-ready for positions ranging from entry-level to middle management.

Take action

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